Monday, October 31, 2011

Fantastic Glowing Effect

Fantastic Glowing Effect
Here I’m going to show you one interesting fantastic glowing effect which you can use in your designs.
In the beginning you should create a new document with size about 500×500 pixels and fill it with black color.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 01
Then find some appropriate picture of hand or other item you want. You can search for some pictures on Google Images or can use mine. Open up the picture and copy it to our main canvas.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 02
Then use Magic Wand Tool to divide palm from the white background. Press Delete to clear selected area.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 03
Remove selection with Ctrl+D and begin creating the effect. Now, before we can start making glow parts of palm, I would like to note you that you have to get out the Brush Tool before and set up with the following settings:
Fantastic Glowing Effect 04
Also set foreground color to white. Create a new layer, after that select the Pen Tool (you need to make sure that you’re working with Paths instead of Shape Layers). Draw out your line using paths:
Fantastic Glowing Effect 05
Then right-click and select Stroke Path.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 06
A little dialog box will appear as in the screenshot. Choose Brush and make sure there is a tick next to Simulate Pressure. This is important as it will give your curve tapered ends which will make it rock!
Fantastic Glowing Effect 07
The picture use to look as mine:
Fantastic Glowing Effect 08
Next right click again and select Delete Path.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 09
Now, apply Outer Glow layer style to current layer.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 10
The effect should be next:
Fantastic Glowing Effect 11
Create a new line using the Pen Tool on the same way. Our task is to create the largest possible number of visible lines to make the silhouette clearer. In order not to create each line individually, and not spend too much time you can press Ctrl when finished to create a line, and click on the canvas. After that, you can create a new line regardless of the place where the previous line ended.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 12
After that select the Direct Selection Tool and make selection of all the lines. Then make the same things to create glowing lines as before.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 13
Ok and the last one step. Go to the layer with palm and set up fill opacity to 0% for this layer. Then apply Outer glow layer style to it.
Fantastic Glowing Effect 14
The result should be next:
Fantastic Glowing Effect 15
Great! Our work is done! Enjoy your own fantastic glowing effect!
Fantastic Glowing Effect 16


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